Tintable Kibing Electrochromic Technology

Tintable develops and manufactures Flexible & All-Solid-State Electrochromic Lenses for Eyewear. Such lenses can be applied to different eyewear, including but not limited to glasses, ski goggles, helmet visors and augmented reality devices.

Electrochromic Lenses are definitively solving one of the unsolved problem of eyewear until very recently: they allow to adjust the visible light transmission as desired, on demand, and at all times. This technology ensures an increased versatility and practically for your eyewear; more comfort, safety and control for the end user.

Tintable is a pioneer in this field and your most trustable partner to bring eyewear to the next level.

2020-01-10 CES 2020
2019-11-12 ISPO Munich 2020