Development / Production / QC / Integration 

Whether you are interested in applying Tintable´s electrochromic lens on your current product design with an external controller or make a new design for this purpose, with an in-framed controller, we can help you. The lens shape and dimensions can be customized based on your requirements. Different transmittance stages and basic control patterns are also customizable. Not only do we make the electrochromic lens, we can also laminate it on your outer lens and support with extra requested layers for your application (link for Main applications). Recently, we launched our new EC Ski Goggles, powered by Tintable EC lens.


 EC Lenses Applications 

  • Goggles / Visors

Electrochromic Lenses can be applied to different types of goggles and visors, allowing to adjust the light transmittance at any time, under any weather and light conditions. You won´t need to prepare one or two extra lenses when you go out riding or skiing for a day, nor will you need to put up with the light when you face different angles or at different moments of the day. Moreover, the EC lens will not affect your vision or the protective features or your eyewear.

  • Sunglasses
  • EC lenses ensure that your sunglasses can adapt to any situation. You can adjust the darkness and the amount of light transmitted to your eyes anytime. Simply put, regardless of if you are on a car, outside walking, at the beach, or indoors, you will never feel like your sunglasses become a burden anymore. Not even mentioning how stylish it´s going to make you.

  • AR devices
  • Your AR Devices display information in front of your eyes. However, how clearly you see these information depends on how bright is your environment. Most of the time, when you are outside, you can´t see the display, except if you adjust the screen brightness to the maximum, which is not good for your eyes, or if you clip on a dark screen, which is not convenient. The best solution to safely use your AR devices outside is to have an electrochromic lens applied on it, so that you never face any of abovementioned issues.