TINTABLEKIBING Co. Ltd. was founded in 2011. 

We are among the few research teams worldwide that are involved in developing and manufacturing Flexible Electrochromic Devices.

Electrochromic Devices (ECD) are color-changing applications that are driven by a low voltage. No power is required to maintain the desired color and the different light transmission states for several hours.

Thanks to our technical know-how, such a power saving and versatile technology can be successfully applied to flexible lenses and integrated with SKI GOGGLES, EYEWEARS, HELMET VISORS, and AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) DEVICES. 

Tintable is a pioneer in the Electrochromism field and possesses essential technological patents covering both ECD manufacturing processes and control systems. 

Tintable Kibing′s products and technology enable users to efficiently and conveniently control the lighting conditions on demand, ensuring a clear view as well as a perfect eye comfort at all times.

We devote our energy and efforts to contributing to the improvement of the users′ lifestyle through our passion. Our technology and achievements are meant to make a difference and have a positive impact on the way people live and enjoy their environment.