Electrochromic Lens
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The Electrochromic Device made through our unique and patented techniques can be applied to different types of eyewear from which light can pass through and affect our visibility, comfort, or even safety. This includes goggles, sports eyewear, AR or helmet visors among other applications.

This technology allows to adjust the visible light transmission on demand, regardless of the time or the weather conditions.

  • Flexible lens up to 6 base (or 87.2mm radius)
  • All-Solid-State – No Risk of Leakage – Easy Adhesion
  • Customizable Shape & Dimensions 
  • Customizable Control Settings 
  • Low Driving Voltage & Battery Consumption 
  • Optical Memory – The lens remains tinted even without power supply 
  • Good Optical Properties – Low Spherical & Astigmatic Power (<0.06) 
Specifications Range
Transparent transmission (Tr)  ≥70%
Tinted transmission(Tr) ≤35%
Optical power <0.06
Haze <2%
Life time >5,000cycles
Time to reach 90% dark state ≤12s
Time to restore clear state ≤6s
Driving voltage 2.3VDC
Operating temperature -10°C~+30°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+45°C