Flexibility: Our EC technology has been integrated with a flexible substrate and can be easily applied to different shapes and dimensions, according to your requirements.

Control: Our patents cover both the electrochromic device manufacturing processes and control systems. We can adapt and customize basic settings to meet your needs.

Power Saving: The Electrochromic Lens requires a low driving voltage when a color-switching is commanded, no power at all to maintain a color thanks to its optical memory.

All-Solid-State: Our Electrochromic Lens is made of all-solid materials, even the organic Electrolyte, developed and made inhouse. This ensures that there can be no risk of leakage, and that the EC lens will adhere perfectly to your application.

Optical Clarity and High VLT Range: Tintable′s electrochromic device is especially suitable for eyewear because of its good optical properties as well as its high visible light transmission range.